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29 deg. 31' 51.20" South

31 deg. 13' 21.79" East


102D Compensation Beach road

Ballito, 4420

Po Box 184


Phone: 032 946 1083

Email: maryannl@kenwyn.co.za

Only for Owners and not Bookings


In order to make your holiday a enjoyable one for all there are a few rules that you need to adhere to.

Tenant Information

In keeping with the high standard of Kenwyn-on-Sea visitors, we request that you read the points below and kindly follow them.

1)      Exterior of Flats

No laundry, towels or other items may be placed on the balconies and patios or hung over the balustrades in view of other tenants. No items may be placed in such a way so as to be aesthetically displeasing or undesirable when viewed from the outside of the building.

2)      Braais

Only gas or electric braai equipment may be used on balconies and patios. Charcoal and wood fires may only be made in the designated and provided facilities at the pool and open areas.

3)      Occupancy

The maximum number of occupants per unit is 8 persons per 3 bedroom flat and 4 persons per 2 bedroom flat. Additional occupants will be required to leave the premises on the request of the manager.

4)      General Disturbance

a)       At no time may the playing of music, television sets or radios be a disturbance to other tenants.

b)       Between the hours of 22h00 and 07h00 the sound on the above equipment must be reduced to a level only audible in your unit.

c)       Between the hours of 22h00 and 07h00 loud talking and/or shouting is not permitted on the balconies or patios.

d)       Children may not play or behave in such a manner that is a disturbance to other tenants.

e)       Skate boards, roller skates, roller blades, plastic push tricycle and bicycles are not permitted anywhere within the boundaries of Kenwyn-on-Sea.

f)        The discharging of firearms and fireworks is strictly prohibited within the boundaries of Kenwyn-on-Sea.

5)      House Keeping

a)       A suitable receptacle must be used to dispose of any waste items on the common property.

b)       No items are to be thrown out of windows and off balconies or patios.

c)       All refuse from the unit must be placed in the provided bins at the refuse area. At no time must any item of refuse be left in the corridors or common property areas.

d)       All laundry must be hung in the area designated for this.

e)       You are requested to keep all areas in the condition you would prefer to find them.

6)      Swimming Pool

a)       Parents are responsible for the safety and conduct  of their children within the pool area.

b)       No inflatable items, ball games or unruly behaviour is allowed within the pool and pool area.

c)       All tenants are requested to wash off all beach sand from their bodies and costumes before entering the pool and/or returning to your flat.

d)       No glass objects are allowed within the pool area.

7)      Pets

Under no circumstances may the tenants have pets on the property of Kenwyn-on-Sea.

8)      Motor Vehicles

a)       Vehicles may only be parked in the demarcated area allocated to that flat.

b)       At no time may vehicles obstruct or be parked on common property areas.

c)       There is a dedicated area for parking trailers with the manager’s approval.

d)       During peak seasons the “open parking” areas are rented out by the manager of Kenwyn-on-Sea for tenants requiring additional parking.

e)       At no time during peak seasons may tenant’s visitors park vehicles within the premises.

9)      Security gates and Doors.

a)       All motor controlled gates are operated by the 3 button remote. These gates close automatically.

b)       The lower garage doors are open during the day and closed at 19h00. The sliding door is operated with the single button remote. Press once to open and ensure that you press  again to close. For the safety of all the vehicles in this garage, please ensure that the sliding door is closed when you leave the garage.

We, the management and trustees , are committed to making your stay at Kenwyn-on-Sea a memorable one. Kindly adhere to the above requests so as to prevent any misunderstandings.